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Embodied Awareness Program

Meaghan serves as a faculty member at the Canadian Institute for Transpersonal Studies and facilitates groups and classes for health care providers, visionary leaders, and helping professionals who are completing their year long Embodied Awareness Certification program. This program teaches the practice of Embodied Awareness, a integrative health approach to recovery from injury described in Dr. Beth Hedva's award winning book "Betrayal, Trust & Forgiveness: A Guide to Healing and Emotional Renewal".  Program curriculum includes courses in Inner Leadership Development, Spiritually Directed Therapy, and Transpersonal Psychology Group Facilitation Skills. Meaghan also provides supervision and mentorship to support integration of course teachings and enhance personal growth.  Learn more about Embodied Awareness Training

Wilderness Expeditions

Meaghan offers inspiring journeys of adventure, challenge and healing in the Canadian wilderness for women who have experienced violence and/or abuse, and youth from aboriginal communities across Canada. These paddling, hiking, and leadership courses focus on increasing self-esteem and self-reliance, building supportive relationships, deepening our connection with the land, and encouraging a sense of physical strength- serving as a powerful catalyst for growth and change.  Learn more about Outward Bound Canada programs.

Customized Retreats

Contact Meaghan to design a customized retreat for your group. Stay at a wilderness lodge surrounded by spectacular views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, or have us come to you.  Packages may include individual therapy sessions, team leadership development, education/training sessions, outdoor activities, yoga/mindfulness, drum circles and/or creative reflection.

CLARITY and FOCUS: reduce external influences and distraction while gaining insight from within.

HOLISTIC HEALTH and WELL-BEING: Nourish your body, mind, and soul with nutritious food, plenty of nature, daily movement, and a supportive environment.

BROADENED PERSPECTIVE: We see pieces of ourselves in each other’s stories. Challenge yourself to view life through a different lens.

TRANSFORMATION: This is an opportunity for personal development, to stretch yourself outside your regular routine, and overcome perceived limitations.

NOURISHING ENVIRONMENT: Surround yourself with leaders and individuals that are committed to personal growth and living aligned with what matters.

FUN: Let loose, be your authentic self, have fun and celebrate yourself.