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Even in the darkest night, we are blanketed by stars. Trust. The new dawn will light up the darkness and illuminate what's to come.

Are you looking for tools, techniques, and creative strategies to:

  • Transform life's challenges into opportunities for growth
  • Discover your strengths and move forward with confidence
  • Make choices that create more hope for the future
  • Understand what's holding you back and find ways of breaking through the barriers
  • Feel better about yourself and who you are

Contact us to work with Meaghan privately in sacred, safe 1:1 sessions. 


"With Meaghan's support, I learned how to identify the "not enough" voice. That is not part of my soul. It doesn't have to be the guiding voice. I now realize that the strong, confident part of me who knows how to trust myself already exists. I don't have to create her. I have to empower her."             R.Y., Artist